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Our Philosophy

Be nice – Be fair – Be honest

That's it in a nutshell really. We'd like to live in a world where everyone is nice to everyone else, no-one gets abused or ripped off, help and support is offered when needed and we can all be friends. Call us naïve (we know the real world is, all too often, not like this) but we can try and create our utopia on this site if you help us.

We believe that we should all remember that it’s the simple things in life that count. In many ways, this is the core philosophy of It's how the idea came about and we think that taking pleasure in these little things is the key to happiness. We rarely have the time these days to really get to know our friends and family as well as we should; we often just don't ask the right questions.

We always try to treat people with respect, to respect their feelings, privacy and views.

We always try to be positive rather than negative – it's easy to be a "knocker" but it's not always helpful and can be hurtful; it's much better to suggest ways to improve something rather than to simply criticise.

We don't make stuff up or tell lies (except when writing works of fiction etc.!) because it doesn't make you feel any better, it just makes you feel guilty and it may come back and bite you one day.

In general, we try to treat others as we would like to be treated.