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Many thanks are due to many people and all of our users, most especially to our VIP users - those of you who answered our call to join up and test the prototype of our site, back in May 2006.

To Helen, Alex and John for listening and not laughing even though you didn't really know what we were talking about. Thanks for your patience.

To Stephen, Jean and Yan and Sonia, for your positive responses and encouragement.

Also to Laima, Sonia, Sam Tyler and Caroline for your pictures and images.

To Al's wonderful friends Pete and Nic thank you so much for your assistance and advice.

For publicity, thanks to:
Irene NiNuallain, Nuacht, TG4
Easy Health Magazine, Spring 2008

To all of the people we admire who have died. We wish we had known them better. They are a big part of this site.