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Big ListGold Star from rosehip by Lazarus  
My main Lifelist
Category: Main Lifelist
Last updated: 05/09/09
This Lifelist is public.
The achievements I'm most proud of:
Thomas, Helena, Rosanna and Rebecca
My goals for the future:
To try to get over Nicki's death
My most unforgettable moments:
17 October 1984, 19 August 1989, 9 April 1998, 9 July 2000, 19 July 2002, 8 October 2004, and sadly 15 April 2006
My most treasured possessions:
My memories of Nicki
Favourite places that I've been to:
Rackwick, Taormina, Iguazu, Fiji
Places I'd most like to go to:
Spitzbergen, Peru
My favourite sights:
My children me2! from rosehip medal from rosehip
My favourite sounds:
My children me2! from rosehip
My favourite smells:
My Perfect Day:
Sleep, sleep, sleep
Things that inspire me:
My father
Things that I worry about:
Nothing (really, when you've almost died yourself, and then lost your wife, how can you worry about anything anymore?)
Things that irritate me:
South London, too much packaging, dog shit, technology that doesn't work, people asking me how I am, work, political correctness, golf, paying tax, airports
Significant people in my life:
Nicki, Thomas, Helena, Rosanna, Rebecca medal from rosehip
The people I wish I'd met:
My three grandparents who died before I was born
The people I wish I hadn't lost touch with:
Ruth Wilson, Kate Ferry, Ken Butler, Tom Hedger, Tom O'Brien
My hobbies:
Reading me2! from Jane me2! from rosehip
The things I collect:
My favourite books and authors:
Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Jasper Fforde, Philip Pullman, Douglas Coupland, Alexander McCall Smith, Patrick O'Brian
My favourite TV programmes:
HIGNFY, Doctor Who me2! from Jane
My favourite films:
Casablanca, Apocalypse Now, Airplane, Seven Samurai, Groundhog Day
My favourite radio stations/shows/podcasts:
My favourite songs and lyrics:
Man of the World, The Girl From Ipanema me2! from Jane
My favourite types of music:
Blues, Classical, Rock, Bosa Nova
My favourite musicians:
Peter Green, Wilko Johnson, Tom Jobim, Ritchie Blackmore, Brian Wilson
My favourite games:
My greatest gaming achievements:
My favourite sports:
Rugby me2! from Al
My favourite sporting moments:
2003 Rugby World Cup Final me2! from Al me2! from Klinkhammer
The teams I support:
Watford, Wasps, England
My favourite animals and pets:
The things I want to buy:
Laser vinyl record player
My favourite technology/gadgets:
PC me2! from The new Mrs. Quinn me2! from Juice
My favourite food:
The places I like to eat:
Greasy spoons
My favourite cars (or other vehicles):
Fiat Multipla, Citroen 2CV, Mk 1 E-Type
Places I like to shop:
Waitrose, John Lewis, Heals me2! from Pixie me2! from Jane
My favourite web sites:
BBC News
The brands that I admire:
My greatest extravagances:
4 children me2! from rosehip
Other things: