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my lifelist by Honeychild  
my main Lifelist. (work in progress)
Category: Main Lifelist
Last updated: 05/07/09
This Lifelist is public.
The achievements I'm most proud of:
My degree, my family, getting over the past and moving on. me2! from Pixie me2! from eclectic me2! from Sibhi me2! from Andie medal from Andie medal from Loli
My goals for the future:
To be happy and healthy and see my kids grow up happy, healthy and loved. To travel more. To look up some old friends and be better at staying in touch me2! from Andie medal from Loli
My most unforgettable moments:
15/05/99, 7/03/01, 6/01/03, 14/02/09
My most treasured possessions:
photos, letters me2! from Pixie me2! from eclectic
Favourite places that I've been to:
Australia, Ireland me2! from CiaoBonita medal from Loli
Places I'd most like to go to:
Italy, Asia, Iceland. Somewhere where I can see the northern lights me2! from Jane me2! from eclectic me2! from Andie
My favourite sights:
My kid's smiles and when they are asleep! Home, Sunset, me2! from smiler
My favourite sounds:
My kids again! laughter, music, birdsong, the sea lapping on the shore, me2! from smiler me2! from Andie
My favourite smells:
fresh baked bread, cut grass, lavender, freesias, pear drops, clean kids, coffee,
My Perfect Day:
Sunshine, a lie in, a day spent in the countryside with my family. A swim. A party in the evening with friends and family. All in Italy please
Things that inspire me:
Good people. Those who triumph over adversity, music, my other half, nature me2! from Jane me2! from CiaoBonita me2! from Andie
Things that I worry about:
My family, crime, health, terrorism, climate change... the usual- the state of the world in general me2! from smiler
Things that irritate me:
Traffic, selfish people, litter me2! from Jane
Significant people in my life:
Family, my old English teacher Mrs Kellert
The people I wish I'd met:
Morrissey, Nelson Mandela, my great grandparents
The people I wish I hadn't lost touch with:
Too many. I must do better in future!
My hobbies:
painting, walking, reading, arts and crafty stuff me2! from Jane
The things I collect:
My children's drawings, plants and seeds, recipes, memories
My favourite books and authors:
wow so many. I like Jane Austen, the Brontes, Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, lots of girly books. Non-fiction books about natural history especially books with nice pictures
My favourite TV programmes:
Eastenders (guilty pleasure), Little Britain, Catherine Tate, The Simpsons. Things that make me laugh. The Apprentice
My favourite films:
The Shawshank Redemption, An American in Paris, All of the Lord of the Rings films, musicals, Doris Day and Bette Davis on a rainy day.
My favourite radio stations/shows/podcasts:
Steve Wright when I have time to listen. BBC radio 4 me2! from Jane
My favourite songs and lyrics:
Anything by the Smiths and Morrissey
My favourite types of music:
Indie mainly
My favourite musicians:
The Smiths, Morrissey, The Cure me2! from Pixie me2! from Jane
My favourite games:
Scrabble, twister,
My greatest gaming achievements:
Never having thrown a punch during a game of scrabble!
My favourite sports:
Tennis, Ice Skating, bowling, swimming
My favourite sporting moments:
Kids sports days
The teams I support:
Man Utd, England generally
My favourite animals and pets:
Cats, horses, giant turtles, whales and dolphins
The things I want to buy:
A new mobile phone, car, etc etc
My favourite technology/gadgets:
My Mac
My favourite food:
Italian, French, custard, mash, seafood, baked beans, chips and gravy
The places I like to eat:
The garden in sunshine. At home, our local Italian
My favourite cars (or other vehicles):
Places I like to shop:
Waitrose, M&S, Lush, farmer's market, bric a brac shops, ebay me2! from Pixie me2! from Jane me2! from Andie
My favourite web sites:
Amazon, ebay, BBC,
The brands that I admire:
Lush, Innocent, The Body Shop, me2! from Pixie me2! from Jane me2! from Andie
My greatest extravagances:
lots and lots of shopping when I can
Other things: