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Favourite Food by Pixie  

Category: Food
Last updated: 17/09/07
This Lifelist is public.
Indian me2! from Alme2! from jellybaby
Chinese me2! from Alme2! from Honeychildme2! from jellybaby
Chilli me2! from Al
Fried egg sandwiches with brown or tomato sauce
Pitta bread, houmous, herb salad and red onions me2! from Honeychildme2! from CiaoBonita
Lemon Merringue pie (warm) me2! from Janeme2! from Honeychild
Treacle sponge pudding and custard me2! from Al
Crisps esp Walkers WORCESTER SAUCE, Steak & Onion,Roast Chicken,Marmite
Sausage, mash, yorkshire pudding, gravy, mustard me2! from Alme2! from Honeychild
Olives - plain and stuffed esp with chilli peppers me2! from Ree
Cheese on toast - with really strong mature cheddar me2! from Al
Pizza esp 4 cheese and red onion me2! from Janeme2! from Alme2! from Honeychild
Salad with lashings of blue cheese dressing me2! from Honeychild
Mashed potato and turnip and loads of pepper me2! from jellybaby
Pie, mash, yorkshire pudding, green veg, gravy, mustard me2! from Alme2! from jellybaby
Cabbage me2! from Jane
Beans on toast with loads of pepper
Fried egg, chips, mushrooms, sausage, tomato sauce
Pasta esp with tomato, mushroom, garlic sauce. me2! from Al
Strong cheese me2! from Janeme2! from Alme2! from jellybabyme2! from Ree
Hot buttered toast me2! from Alme2! from Honeychild
Beetroot me2! from Jane
Silverskin onions me2! from Ree
Jacket potatoes, baked beans, cheese, coleslaw
Hot chocolate fudge cake with ice cream me2! from Honeychildme2! from Ree
Hot banana fritters and ice cream me2! from CiaoBonita
Fresh organic sugarloaf pineapple
(Walking home from pub with) tray of chips & Chinese curry sauce me2! from Jane
(Walking home from pub with) tray of chips, mushy peas, mint sauce