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The first list of JuiceGold Star from Jane by Juice  
Some things about me!
Category: Main Lifelist
Last updated: 28/09/09
This Lifelist is public.
The achievements I'm most proud of:
My daughter. My current career position medal from Jane
My goals for the future:
Get through this year! Re-group and find me again MARRY Andrew me2! from Bassboatboy
My most unforgettable moments:
The first night after my daughter was born and everyone went away and left us alone. Andrew proposing to me on the beach Listening to the song Andrew wrote me for the first time. Liza sitting on my knee while being interviewed on national radio ag me2! from The new Mrs. Quinn
My most treasured possessions:
The picture of my great grandparents on their wedding day. My black and white diamond engagement ring. My 1976 MGB roadster. The prayer writen on a piece of paper that my father tucked into my passport. The lock of hair from Liza's first haircut
Favourite places that I've been to:
Al and Janes. The Italian lakes. Connemara. Cornish coast. Norfolk broads me2! from Jane me2! from Al me2! from Bassboatboy
Places I'd most like to go to:
Venice. The Ice Hotel to see the Northern Lights. Iceland. The Inca trail. New Zealand me2! from jellybaby me2! from Bassboatboy me2! from Al
My favourite sights:
Liza's smile. Andrew when he laughs. Gannets when they dive!
My favourite sounds:
Teenagers laughing in another room in the house. The sea. The creak of a leather saddle and horses hooves when out riding somewhere remote. Wind in the sails. me2! from jellybaby me2! from Bassboatboy
My favourite smells:
Versace. Good quality coffee. Ozone! Andrew's neck. me2! from Jane me2! from Honeychild
My Perfect Day:
Get up late. Walk across a windswept landscape on a cool bright day with a man who plays guitar. Dinner in a great fish resturant with a cold crisp white wine. Delicious sex with a man who plays a guitar! me2! from Al me2! from Bassboatboy
Things that inspire me:
My friends. The spectacular inventions that I meet in my professional life. The landscapes of the UK.
Things that I worry about:
Growing old. Money! me2! from jellybaby me2! from Jane me2! from Honeychild me2! from Bassboatboy
Things that irritate me:
Depressive people. Non-genuine men! me2! from The new Mrs. Quinn
Significant people in my life:
My daughter Liza. The delicious Andrew. My family. My close friends My university friends
The people I wish I'd met:
John Cuzac - Oh my god, have you seen this man eyes? Bob Marley because he's so hroizontal. Plato
The people I wish I hadn't lost touch with:
No-one. I think I still have all the people I really want to be in touch with.
My hobbies:
Riding - when my back allows. Sailing. Rennovating my house. Birdwatching sometimes - hard to admit! Walking Photographty Painting / drawing me2! from Bassboatboy
The things I collect:
perfume bottles
My favourite books and authors:
Narrow Dog to Carcasonne, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, The Time Travellers wife - see other list
My favourite TV programmes:
The Green Wing. me2! from Al me2! from Jane me2! from Bassboatboy
My favourite films:
Little miss sunshine Hi Fidelity. The Bridges of Maddison County. Dangerous Liaisons me2! from The new Mrs. Quinn
My favourite radio stations/shows/podcasts:
My favourite songs and lyrics:
Seafly - Andrew Trist More than a Woman - Andrew Trist Snow patrol - Chasing cars Racoon - Love you more. Genesis - Follow you follow me Nickelback - Rockstar me2! from Al
My favourite types of music:
Indy and rock
My favourite musicians:
Andrew. At the moment : One republic, Goo Goo Dolls,
My favourite games:
Nothing I can publish :-)
My greatest gaming achievements:
Home run on my first ever softball game in the USA - after which I retired. medal from Jane
My favourite sports:
Skiing, Sailing, Swimming, Riding, Snorkeling Walking me2! from Bassboatboy
My favourite sporting moments:
Oh please.. I have no idea!
The teams I support:
Absolutely none! unless you count ITL's team entered into the London to Brighton cycle run . me2! from jellybaby
My favourite animals and pets:
Elephants - have you seen how considerate and tactile they are? Red Pandas. Tigers.
The things I want to buy:
My next house. Digital SLR camera. Drum Kit. me2! from Bassboatboy
My favourite technology/gadgets:
ipod, ipod speakers, itrip, my laptop, my digital camera me2! from Al me2! from Bassboatboy
My favourite food:
Seafood, Moules Frites on Westport harbour, Italian, Strawberries
The places I like to eat:
Off a blokes stomach.. oh sorry - not what you meant! Hythe Bay fish resturant, The beach, Anywhere with Andrew.
My favourite cars (or other vehicles):
My MGB roadster
Places I like to shop:
I hate shopping. "Tribes" in Folkstone for unique jewellery Phase 8 East me2! from Bassboatboy
My favourite web sites:
My work one- I wrote all the details and I'm sadly proud of it. Hotmail - brilliant! Google. Easyjet (for cheap travel to anywhere!). itunes. This one!
The brands that I admire:
None. I don't do brands - except for Tattinger..
My greatest extravagances:
Champagne - I love it - Steel barrel versions please! Travel
Other things:
Ridiculously prone to laughing a lot.