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Get to know Pal by Pal  
My main Lifelist
Category: Main Lifelist
Last updated: 14/03/09
This Lifelist is public.
The achievements I'm most proud of:
Running the Dublin Marathon
My goals for the future:
Want to do the Inca Trial - going to do this in Sept 09 - can't wait Reach my next major birthday without having too many regrets!! Travel around Argentina and would like to go to New Orleans again - oh my god going there in Oct 2009 me2! from Juice me2! from Jane me2! from Honeychild me2! from Andie
My most unforgettable moments:
My speech at my nieces wedding, Brazil trip - all of it, Nepal trek one night, drinking playing cards with the guides and then watching sunrise over Fish Mountain - beautiful worth freezing my butt off and getting there.
My most treasured possessions:
My photos, My 3 diamond rings, they were given to me by my sister and my best friend, and the 3rd one i bought myself, (well i have to be a little independent!!) wear them everyday and hope that one day when my nieces wear them, they will think of me! me2! from Honeychild
Favourite places that I've been to:
The Amazon, Iguacua Falls, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Trek in Nepal, Kerala beach in India, definitely nicer than Goa and cleaner too, the view from Sugarloaf mountain in Rio, Grand Canyon,
Places I'd most like to go to:
See separate list too many to mention here! lol
My favourite sights:
Not sure about favourite, too many to mention, but the most amazing was The Amazon river meets the Negro river
My favourite sounds:
Elvis singing The quietness of a steam room, and just the hiss of the aromatherapy oil being sprayed into the room
My favourite smells:
Fresh bread being baked oh and Vera Wang perfume her first one me2! from Al
My Perfect Day:
Day at the spa with my sister and best friend me2! from Honeychild
Things that inspire me:
Things that I worry about:
The Mortgage some months lol me2! from Honeychild
Things that irritate me:
Rude people me2! from Al me2! from Jane me2! from Honeychild me2! from jellybaby
Significant people in my life:
My family, my friends
The people I wish I'd met:
The people I wish I hadn't lost touch with:
Jane Psaila, Sid aka Andrew Frank Brown me2! from The new Mrs. Quinn
My hobbies:
Traveling, Boxing
The things I collect:
Fridge magnets from different countries me2! from Lazarus
My favourite books and authors:
James Patterson, John Grisham, Memoirs of a Geisha, Motorcycle Diaries me2! from Al
My favourite TV programmes:
Brothers & Sisters, Heroes, Greys Anatomy, Friends, Men in Trees,
My favourite films:
too many to mention
My favourite radio stations/shows/podcasts:
Capital / Heart oh and well I'm really feeling sad Magic!!!!!!!!!
My favourite songs and lyrics:
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, Suspicious Minds by Elvis me2! from Al me2! from Jane me2! from Honeychild me2! from jellybaby
My favourite types of music:
Jazz, Blues me2! from Jane
My favourite musicians:
My favourite games:
Love Cranium, Scrabble and of course who doesn't like owning Park Lane in Monopoly
My greatest gaming achievements:
My favourite sports:
My favourite sporting moments:
The teams I support:
My favourite animals and pets:
Love to have a chocolate Labrador, when I can stay at home and not go to work
The things I want to buy:
can you have enough shoes or bags! me2! from Honeychild
My favourite technology/gadgets:
my robotic hoover, and my vita mix juicer!
My favourite food:
Chinese, Indian me2! from Al
The places I like to eat:
Loco, restaurant in Blackheath, London
My favourite cars (or other vehicles):
Places I like to shop:
Abroad me2! from Jane me2! from Honeychild
My favourite web sites:
Facebook, People
The brands that I admire:
My greatest extravagances:
I had a steam capsule in my bathroom
Other things: