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Linguistic Annoyances by Lazarus  
Pedantry personified: private punditry punishing poor punctuation & pronunciation.
Category: Irritations
Last updated: 24/01/09
This Lifelist is public.
Disinterested means impartial NOT uninterested me2! from Juiceme2! from Bassboatboy
Secretary is NOT pronounced seketery
Skeleton is NOT pronounced skellington me2! from Jane
There is NOT an X in escape
If ALWAYS takes the subjunctive (if I were, NOT if I was) me2! from Juiceme2! from Bassboatboy
To meet someone NOT to meet with someone (a tautology) me2! from Bassboatboy
The opposite of reactive is active NOT proactive me2! from Juice
Momentarily means for a moment NOT in a moment ("the plane will take off momentarily": I'd rather it took off and stayed there) me2! from Bassboatboy
Things happen a lot NOT alot
Things happen to you and me NOT you and I me2! from Juiceme2! from Bassboatboy
You and I do something NOT you and me (or even worse me and you) me2! from Bassboatboy
5 items or fewer NOT 5 items or less
Separate NOT seperate me2! from Bassboatboy
Chaise longue NOT chaise lounge me2! from Juiceme2! from Bassboatboy
Use of txt spk, especially in non text (e-mails, letters etc.) me2! from Juiceme2! from Bassboatboy
LOL under any circumstances whatsoever me2! from Juiceme2! from Bassboatboy
Enormity means great wickedness NOT magnitude
H is pronounced aitch NOT haitch
Named after NOT named for
Latte is pronounced lattay NOT lartay