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This is me! by Ree  
My main Lifelist
Category: Main Lifelist
Last updated: 12/06/09
This Lifelist is public.
The achievements I'm most proud of:
My 3 beautiful children me2! from Honeychild medal from Jane medal from Al
My goals for the future:
To be happy, healthy and not divorced!!! me2! from Al
My most unforgettable moments:
My wedding day, birth of each of my children and finally....the day I met my now husband!! me2! from Honeychild
My most treasured possessions:
Got to be the family again!!! (r u sick of me yet?!!)
Favourite places that I've been to:
Margarita Island......a really beautiful, underdeveloped place, Heaven.
Places I'd most like to go to:
Mexico and Brazil
My favourite sights:
Blus skies, flowers and a table laden with my fav foods!! me2! from Jane me2! from Al
My favourite sounds:
Silence after the kiddies bedtime.
My favourite smells:
Fresh cut grass, the smell of the first coffee in the morning, toast and Oil of ulay as it reminds me of my childhood when mum used to use it.
My Perfect Day:
Things that inspire me:
Human nature
Things that I worry about:
my Family
Things that irritate me:
My lack of paitence. me2! from Jane
Significant people in my life:
My Parents, husband, children and my closest friends.
The people I wish I'd met:
Martin Luther King
The people I wish I hadn't lost touch with:
Friends from my very early years, we have nearly all gone our seperate ways now, shame.
My hobbies:
Reading, drawing and eating!!!!
The things I collect:
Pigs and butterflies.
My favourite books and authors:
Author has to be Dennis Wheatly, Theodore Rozak, Stephen King etc I'll have to have a think about the books and fill in the blanks later!
My favourite TV programmes:
Cold case files, Forensic detectives, documentaries about both world wars, religious history , I like lots of different things but those listed would be what I mostly watch.
My favourite films:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Saw, Hostel....anything with either Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee. Schindlers list. Any of the carry on films, especially Carry on screaming!!! I love films that make me laugh but adore films that make my flesh crawl!!!
My favourite radio stations/shows/podcasts:
My favourite songs and lyrics:
The war of the worlds, everyone should listen to this at least once. me2! from Al
My favourite types of music:
Varied. Salsa, merengue, flamenco, anything with a good rythem!!!!
My favourite musicians:
The Eagles, Dr Hook, Amy Winehouse Los Chungitos.
My favourite games:
My greatest gaming achievements:
Running the 400 mtrs for the inter school athletics!!!!!! (can't run for a bus these days!) medal from Al
My favourite sports:
My favourite sporting moments:
Anything that requires men to wear tight shorts!!!! especially rugby players!!!!!!
The teams I support:
My favourite animals and pets:
My cat Fluff and dog Sandy
The things I want to buy:
A car for me to learn in.
My favourite technology/gadgets:
My husband!!!!! :)
My favourite food:
Chorizo, Jamon Serrano, Gazpacho, Churros, Manchego cheese,Mozzarello, feta, a bloody steak, Root beer, bombay mix,, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil poured over fresh crusty bread then rubbed with fresh garlic and topped with over ripe tomatoes:)
The places I like to eat:
El museo del jamon!!
My favourite cars (or other vehicles):
Ford Scorpio
Places I like to shop:
EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me2! from Jane me2! from Al
My favourite web sites:
The brands that I admire:
My greatest extravagances:
Shoes and handbags! me2! from Honeychild
Other things: