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Songs that make me happy.Gold Star from Jane by Ree  

Category: Songs and Lyrics
Last updated: 09/10/09
This Lifelist is public.
Harry Belafonte " Jump in the line" me2! from Andie
Cat stevens "Wild world" I know it's kinda sad but I love to sing along with this one....or at least try!"!!!! me2! from Janeme2! from Al
Donovan "Sunshine superman"
The small faces "Itchycoo Park" me2! from jellybabyme2! from Al
Jimmy Somerville "I feel love" me2! from Andie
Cameo "Word up" Sorry about that one but it makes me smile!!!! me2! from Jane
Don Williams, You're My Best Friend
Elton John " Your song" me2! from Andieme2! from Al
Brotherhood of man "Save all your kisses for me"
Dexys Midnight Runners "Come on Eileen" me2! from Janeme2! from Andieme2! from Al
Dr Hook "sexy eyes" me2! from flower
Miguel Nandes "Que cara mas bonita"
Eric Clapton "Sunshine of your love"
Faithless "Insominia" me2! from Janeme2! from Al
Falco "Rock me Amadues", yea it's crap but I love it!!!! :o) me2! from Alme2! from flower medal from Jane
Travolta & Newton "You're the one that I want" me2! from Alme2! from flower
Gypsy Kings "Bem bem Maria" me2! from Jane
A tribe called quest "can I kick it?" Many good memories :o)
Tone Loc "Funky Cold Medina" You just gotta love this one!!! me2! from Janeme2! from flower
Nightmares on wax "Morse" sit back and enjoy!!!!!
Rodrigo y Gabriella "Hanuman" really love this one. me2! from Jane
Aerosmith "Angel"
Aerosmith "Eat the rich"