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Bucket ListGold Star from Jane by Natacha  
Things I want to do before I die
Category: Todolists
Last updated: 13/06/09
This Lifelist is public.
List items:
See my grandchildren me2! from Lazarusme2! from Andie
Drive a dog sled me2! from Alme2! from Andie
See the pyramids me2! from Andieme2! from Loli
Take the Orient Express me2! from Janeme2! from Alme2! from Juiceme2! from Loli
Take the Blue Train (the one in Africa!) me2! from Emma5036
Go on safari me2! from Loli
Boat up the Amazon
Celebrate with Adam my 50th wedding anniversary!
Do up the house and the barns.
Drive down the whole of Chile
Go to Rome me2! from Janeme2! from Alme2! from Andieme2! from Loli
See Hadrian's wall me2! from Andie
Go diving in Australia me2! from Loli
Go to New Zealand me2! from Janeme2! from Alme2! from Loli
Take the Golden Eagle trans-siberian express
Take the children to Croatia
Stay in the ice hotel me2! from Alme2! from Loli
Show the children the northern lights me2! from Andieme2! from Loli
take that whole blasted south american trip we planned to do last xmas!!
Do coast to coast in the US me2! from Lazarus
Do coast to coast in Canada
Go to the greek isles but especially Santorini me2! from Jane
Go to Bora-Bora.