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Our Chickens! by Jane  
They arrived on 31/03/07. We've never had chickens before so this should be fun.
Category: Animals and pets
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05/11/07 Beaky
25/9/07 Dee and Titch
25/9/07 The chicks, M, I, H and K
25/9/07 Lara, Henny Penny and Marylin
25/9/07 Dozy
25/9/07 M, I and H
25/9/07 Beaky
25/9/07 Lara, Dozy, Henny Penny, Mick and Roger
25/9/07 Calypso, Mick, Titch, Dee and Beaky
15/07/07. Day old chicks. 'G', 'H' and 'I'
14/04/07 Rooster no. 2 out and about.
14/04/07. Russell out and about for the first time (except when he escaped and had to be recaptured!).
11/04/07: Scrambled eggs for two, thanks to the ladies.
10/04/07: The first eggs!
Claudia with chicks- Beaky, Mick and Titch
The hen on the left escaped on the day she arrived(we're calling her Lara Croft). The rooster next to her escaped a few days later (he's called Russell). We spent hours and hours trying to hunt them down and then a week after Lara went AWOL, they both came back together. They had been living in the bushes.
Calypso with some of her chicks- Dave, Dee, Dozy.
Newly arrived and settling in.
This one is sitting on a clutch of 4 one day old chicks. They're under there somewhere.
Newly arrived and moments before Lara made a break for it.