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Occupation:Business Development Manager
Age range:35-44
About:I dance in the rain rather than complain about it. I want all the world to be happy with me. I am a loved-up mother of a gorgeous teenage girl currently engaged to a delicious bloke with a guitar!

Juice's Lifelists (15 found):
main Lifelist The first list of Juice this list has 31 me2!s31 this list has 2 Medals2 this list has 1 Gold Stars1 28/09/2009 14:57
Lifelist My irritations this list has 44 me2!s44 16/10/2008 10:06
Lifelist Edible favourites this list has 48 me2!s48 17/10/2008 09:36
Lifelist Favourite Juice this list has 10 me2!s10 17/10/2008 09:36
Lifelist Juicy Goals this list has 4 Medals4 28/09/2009 14:50
Lifelist Juicy Books this list has 11 me2!s11 17/10/2008 09:38
Lifelist Playlist of Juice this list has 1 me2!s1 17/10/2008 09:38
Lifelist Love Juice (polite only) this list has 22 me2!s22 02/11/2008 13:23
Lifelist Dating Necessities this list has 1 me2!s1 13/04/2009 14:09
Lifelist To Juice, love Santa 19/03/2009 09:18
Piclist Juicy bucket pictures this list has 1 Gold Stars1 13/04/2009 14:12
Piclist Juice in Normandy 16/07/2008 11:27
Piclist Juice and her cars 03/08/2008 08:48
Piclist Swallows and Amazons this list has 1 Gold Stars1 13/04/2009 14:06
Bucketlist A bucketload of Juice this list has 41 me2!s41 this list has 7 Medals7 this list has 1 Gold Stars1 13/10/2009 11:42