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Location:East Kent
Occupation:Space Monkey
Age range:45-54
About:Architect and divorced dad of two. Currently managing property for a large pharmaceutical company in Kent, which is purely a front for my real vocation of playing bass guitar and singing in rock bands. Passionate about sailing, skiing and all outdoor activities. Oh, and it took me 46 years to find true love, but I'm well and truly in it now!

Bassboatboy's Lifelists (10 found):
main Lifelist This is me! this list has 10 me2!s10 15/06/2009 08:11
Lifelist Things to achieve this list has 8 me2!s8 26/11/2008 07:18
Lifelist Bass Players this list has 1 me2!s1 28/10/2008 11:28
Lifelist Bands & Artists this list has 10 me2!s10 15/06/2009 08:13
Lifelist Great Moments this list has 5 me2!s5 26/11/2008 04:18
Lifelist Grumpy Old Man this list has 57 me2!s57 this list has 4 Medals4 26/11/2008 04:03
Lifelist Great Songs this list has 18 me2!s18 15/06/2009 08:08
Lifelist Annoying song lyrics this list has 20 me2!s20 15/06/2009 08:20
Lifelist I Don't Get It this list has 15 me2!s15 15/06/2009 08:17
Piclist Basspics 28/10/2008 11:31