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Contact: Jane Steger-Lewis
Tel: 098 45858
Email: jane[at]

Lifelists Ltd announces - social networking with a point

Mayo couple create social networking web site with a true purpose: make Lifelists to celebrate the important things in life.

24th July 2007, Currane, Achill, Co. Mayo

It's often said that it's only in death that your full feelings towards someone become known. This sentiment was true for Jane and Alistair Steger-Lewis when a former work colleague died at a young age. It was only during the reading of an eulogy at his funeral that they realised the many fantastic things their friend had achieved during his life and how little they really knew about him. This led the couple to create, a website where you can chronicle the things that are really important to you and share them with your friends and family.

The idea of Listlists - personal records of ourselves archived on the Internet - first came to Jane when she and her husband decided to quit the rat-race and their highly stressful jobs in London and and move to Mayo May 2000.

"Our change in lifestyle gave us plenty of time to reflect on the important things in life," said Jane, who worked as a magazine and newspaper production manager before moving to Ireland. "I started keeping a list in the back of my diary of the things I treasure and this made me realise how much they say about me. They're a big part of my identity."

Then in April 2005, an ex-work colleague who they'd lost touch with died at a young age. Jane said: "When we listened to the eulogy we were amazed at the things he had done and, as people often do, we regretted not knowing him better. What was the achievement he was most proud of at the end of his life? Did he have any goals that he had yet to fulfil? We wanted to know so much more about him but of course it was too late."

"This led me to wonder if there was a way that we could all record our beliefs, feelings, preferences and tastes in a way that was accessible forever. All of these thoughts were leading me towards a website."

Jane talked over the idea with her husband Alistair, a computer engineer, and the site quickly started to take shape. "When we came up with the name 'Lifelist' we were amazed that the word wasn't actually already in general usage. It seemed so obvious!" And with that, was born.

Using the website you can create your 'main' Lifelist - a list of the things, people, places, sights, sounds and experiences that are really important to you. A main Lifelist consists of your answers to a series of standard questions such as: 'What is your favourite type of music?' or 'Describe your perfect day'. You don't have to answer all of the questions and you can edit your list as often as you like. As time goes by your feelings may change and so your Lifelist can change - it grows and develops with you.

When you've created your main Lifelist you can create as many other Lifelists as you like, on any subject you wish.

As the world gets more complex and our lives get busier, Jane believes it's a good for us to think about the things, people and places we love and to look at our lives from a new perspective.

She said: "I've always been the excitable type whose inner child is not buried very deep below the surface. When I'm happy about something or hear a piece of music that I love, I want to shout it from the rooftops. Counting our blesssings is good for us and it makes us happier to have a clear idea of who we are, what we're all about and what our goals are. We're all so busy these days that often we don't take the time to talk about the simple things - those things that make our lives worth living".

"This is what is all about. It's a way of saying: 'this is me and these are the things that are important to me!'" was launched with just one list type, the 'main' Lifelist. Since then the concept has been expanded, adding the ability to create Lifelists on any topic; todolists with date fields; piclists for pictures; and Legacylists, which are private lists of wishes or instructions that can only be accessed in the event of the owner's death. A Legacylist is not a will, but a way to pass on words of wisdom about life to those left behind.

Some examples of Lifelists that users have created so far are: 'My Wish List', 'Goals for the Future', 'Famous People', 'My TV', 'Favourite Places', 'Best Radio', 'Favourite Beatles Songs', 'Music to dance to', 'Scary Films', 'Best Bonds', 'Sporting Moments', and 'Things to do while I'm 31'.

It's now possible for registered users to message each other and Lifelisters can also 'me2!' each other show support or agreement with an item on a Lifelist.

Jane goes on to say "We've been surprised and gratified to discover how much we have in common with Lifelisters who, at first glance, seem to be quite different to us and we've been amazed at how many of our users want to write a book, visit Australia and love the sound of the sea!"

"Although it's early days, we feel we are building a hugely positive social network with a real purpose and great future potential for expansion that appeals to users of all ages. In the short time we have been online we have clearly seen that users of all age groups understand the Lifelists concept and feedback has been great. We've found it satisfying to know that our idea most definitely 'has legs'. "

Jane and Alistair Steger-Lewis live on the Atlantic coast of Mayo, Ireland. They founded Lifelists Limited in 2006 and launched as a trial in January 2007. Lifelists Limited is a company registered in England.


For further information about Lifelists or contact Jane Steger-Lewis by telephone on 098-45858, by email at jane[at] or write to Jane at Corraun House, Currane, Achill, Co. Mayo.


This short piece was broadcast as part of Nuacht (News) on TG4, 15 September 2007
(TG4 is the Irish Language channel in Ireland)

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